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A milestone birthday, a wedding, a bereavement, an anniversary, a benefit concert or a fundraising-event in your company – there are so many occasions for donations in favour of women and children in distress.

Please let other people participate in your event and ask guests, friends or family to make a donation on behalf of women and children, who have experienced distress or violence. We are pleased to councel and support you in your personal fundraising activity.


This is how it works:

Write to us or call us (find our contact below) and we'll agree on a keyword for your event, for example „birthday of Max Huber“ or „wedding Müller-Meier“.

Share this keyword together with the bank details of SOLWODI with your guests, relatives, friends, collegues and other congratulants. They can transfer their donations directly to SOLWODI and we'll assign these donations to your event.


You can use the below indicated bank account of SOLWODI at „Landesbank SAAR“ or you can use any other SOLWODI donation account.



IBAN: DE 84 5905 0000 0020 0099 99


Of course we will issue a receipt for every donation, provided your complete adress is stated.


We would be pleased to provide you with the names of the donators as well as the total amount of donations. Unfortunatly, german law doesn`t allow us to mention individual amounts.


Alternatively, you can also set up a donation box and transfer the total amount of donated money to us. In case that your guests need donation-receipts, please send us a list of names, adresses and the individual amount of donated money per letter or e-mail to us. If not all of the guests wish to receive a donation-receipt, we can also provide you with one for the remaining balance.


It is up to you, which variant you choose.


What are the donations spend on?

You can use your event to generally support the work of SOLWODI. But it is also possible to specifically promote the SOLWODI-councelling office in your town or a specific project, as for example pre-schools in Kenya or accommodation of women and children in safe shelters in Germany. Talk to us in ordert to arrange for the specific use of the donation.


We’ll be happy to send you relevant information for your guests.

We wish to thank you very sincerely that you want to promote our work with women and children in distress.


Your contact person at SOLWODI:

Silke Albrecht (donation support)


SOLWODI Deutschland e.V.
Viktoriastr. 32-36
56068 Koblenz

Tel. 0049-261 - 889 772-0



Thank you very much for your engagement and your support!



30 Jahre SOLWODI Deutschland 1987 bis 2017 -

30 Jahre Solidarität mit Frauen in Not in Deutschland


Autorinnen: Sr. Dr. Lea Ackermann / Dr. Barbara Koelges / Sr. Annemarie Pitzl


Nächste Veranstaltungen:

20. 09. 2024


05. 10. 2024