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SOLWODI Rhineland-Palatinate - Counseling Center Mainz

If you have questions, need someone to talk to, don't know what to do, please contact us at:
0171 9456114 or 0152 07599268

06131 / 678069


We are colorful

Together we will find a solution or other helpers, ideas on how to continue.
We are also available to teachers, friends, parents, and neighbors. As an NGO we work discreetly and free of charge for those affected.

Focus of Work:

  • Experiences of violence, questions about residence, separation wishes and contact search
  • Support with authorities and filling out forms
  • Search for doctors, therapists, lawyers, child care and schools 
  • Forced marriage, threat of honor killing
  • Human trafficking, exit, prostitute protection law ...


Even difficult paths begin with the first step! Nobody can do it all alone, 

Of course we are also open to exchange with colleagues, ready for collegial consultation or present our work in teams, school classes or interested groups.



30 Jahre SOLWODI Deutschland 1987 bis 2017 -

30 Jahre Solidarität mit Frauen in Not in Deutschland


Autorinnen: Sr. Dr. Lea Ackermann / Dr. Barbara Koelges / Sr. Annemarie Pitzl