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... to the pages of SOLWODI.  We are glad that you are interested in our work.


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SOLWODI stands up for the rights of foreign women in Germany who have experienced hardship and violence, be they victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and prostitution, forced marriage or other violence.


In Germany, SOLWODI is represented by 19 specialized counseling centers and 7 shelters. The women are accompanied by experienced social workers. Our work includes psychosocial care for the women, organizing medical or legal support, helping them find housing and jobs, or arranging German language courses and vocational training. The care is always adapted to the specific needs and individual situation of each client and her children. 


In Africa, SOLWODI supports school projects and helps girls and young women from the poorest backgrounds to develop a perspective for their lives through education and livelihood programs. Cultural and sports activities strengthen the girls' self-confidence and the cohesion in the group. 


SOLWODI was founded in 1985 by Sr. Dr. Lea Ackermann in Mombasa/Kenya. Since 1987, the organization has also been active in Germany.


For further information, please contact our headquarters in Boppard, Tel. (06741) 2232, or our specialized counseling centers. 


We thank you for any support of our work.


Sr. Dr. Lea Ackermann Dr. Maria Decker

Founder SOLWODI 1st Chairwoman SOLWODI Germany e.V.


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Weltkongress 2019

3. WELTKONGRESS gegen sexuelle Ausbeutung von Frauen und Mädchen

Veranstalter: · SOLWODI Deutschland e.V. · CAP INTL · Armut und Gesundheit in Deutschland e.V.

Dienstag, 2. April – Freitag, 5. April 2019,

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Philosophicum, Jakob-Welder-Weg 18


Hier finden Sie einen Überblick zum Weltkongress


35.220 Unterschriften für ein Sexkaufverbot an Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel übergeben



Nächste Veranstaltungen:

07. 05. 2021

- 18:00 Uhr

21. 10. 2021

bis 22. 10. 2021