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- Solidarity with women in distress! - Solidarität mit Frauen in Not!


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SOLWODI is...:

SOLWODI is an association that helps women in distress. SOLWODI is a contact point for migrant women who have come to Germany through sex tourism, human trafficking or arranged marriage. The association is non-partisan and non-denominational. more...

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A heartfelt welcome to SOLWODI's website. Thank you for visiting.

SOLWODI is the short form for SOLidarity with WOmen in DIstress. I laid the foundation for this charitable organisation in October 1985 in Mombasa, Kenya. As a nun there, I encountered women and girls who were forced into prostitution as a result of poverty. Today, SOLWODI has 10 counselling centres along the Kenyan coast and supports a widows and orphans project in Rwanda.

Since 1987 SOLWODI has also been active in Germany with 15 counselling centres, 1 reception centre and 7 shelters for foreign women and girls in distress or who are victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution, domestic violence or forced marriages. Other women turn to us due to problems with residence permits or integration.

A new SOLWODI counselling centre in Romania was opened in 2010. SOLWODI was also established in Austria in 2012.

SOLWODI offers holistic psychosocial care and counselling, shelter, legal intervention and medical assistance as well as support in returning to their home countries when migrants return. In order to help effectively, we have a close network with other counselling centres and organisations in Germany and abroad. In addition, we strive to increase public understanding for these women and girls by organising awareness-raising publicity events.

On this website you will find information about our work and aims, as well as tips on how you can help. Many distressed migrants are isolated without access to the internet. But you, dear visitor, can approach us and help establish contact. We guarantee complete confidentiality.

Media representatives and anyone interested in our work may obtain more information through ourpress releases, newsletters and information materials.

We are grateful for support of any kind.


Sister Dr. Lea Ackermann
Foundress and president of SOLWODI e.V


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