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- Solidarity with women in distress! - Solidarität mit Frauen in Not!



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SOLWODI is...:

SOLWODI is an association that helps women in distress. SOLWODI is a contact point for migrant women who have come to Germany through sex tourism, human trafficking or arranged marriage. The association is non-partisan and non-denominational. more...

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3. What are the Reasons that make Women leave their home countries?

The countries in which traffickers recruit women are in many cases economically weak or their societies are in the process of a change as a result of wars or other political changes. There is often economical poverty, unemployment, a greater preparedness to use force, no perspective and a general uncertainty about the future. Those are the circumstances, under which many women consider an emigration as their only chance to support and feed their families. The people concerned, in most cases women, frequently live in poverty, especially when they have to feed a family.

This situation is being exploited by traffickers for earning money around the world with the "commodity human beings"

To those Push – Factors, which force women to leave their home countries, contribute also Pull – Factors in the possible destination countries, to motivate women to emigrate. Such Pull – Factors are a good social security system, good education and medical care, liberal legislation, a relatively high living standard, a stable political system (peace) and the perspective to find a job. The real situation in the destination country however is not always equivalent to what the women dream of - as a result of advertisements or stories they have heard.

Possible Push – Factors

  • economic poverty
  • unemployment
  • low wages
  • high inflation
  • poverty
  • no perspective
  • uncertainty, as a result of wars or political changes
  • little social security, for example reduction of subsidies
  • being responsible for a family

Possible Pull – Factors

  • a good social network
  • good education and medical care
  • liberal legislation
  • a high living standard
  • a stable political situation ( peace )
  • highly paid jobs
  • ignorance about the consequences when having debts or being unemployment, hostility towards foreigners and problems to get integrated in the new country

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